About Us

McNair Manor’s three locations are each situated in thriving neighborhoods, residents are not shut off from daily life but continue to be participants in the community.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the daily activities of the Manor’s routine. The country style kitchen being at the hub of daily activities, serves three meals a day and healthy snacks in family dining fashion. Residents are welcome to invite their guests to stay for a bite, visit over a coffee or cold beverage anytime.

We host a variety of community volunteers who share their talents in music, visitation, intergenerational programming, pet therapy, clowning and more. In addition, our activity coordinator facilitates exercise classes, coffee hour, handicrafts, board games and more.

Often, new residents blossom with renewed zest for life when surrounded by others in their peer group, forging friendships with each other and with the caregivers who become like family.

Contact Info

Phone: 506.851.5852
Fax: 506.854.0965

If you would like to be contacted in the event of a vacancy, please fill out our Resident Inquiry Form:
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